• Sampling and laboratory analysis of unidentified materials.
  • Provision of suitable, secure containers for waste materials and liquids.
  • On-site preparation and packaging of waste consignments.
  • Labelling in accordance with the ‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Classification Packaging and Labelling Regulations 1994’ (CDG/CPL).
  • Preparation of Statutory Documentation and Pre-Notifications.
  • Management and supervision of loading and collection.


  • Provision of road tankers, vacuum tanks, trailers, tautliners, roll on/off containers, hazpak box vans, etc., equipped with emergency equipment and resources.
  • Drivers trained under ADR Regulations and trained in the safe handling of hazardous substances.


  • Management of all site services for the containment, collection and recycling or disposal of all wastes and surplus materials on the client’s premises under a “1-Stop Shop Waste Management Contract basis.  Monthly Returns for Quantities and Weights.  Monthly Returns of all Commercial Costs and Payments to you for re-useable materials.  Annual Returns covering all aspects of the Waste Management Service.
  • Routine dissemination of information regarding legislative changes and registration services on behalf of clients.
  • Risk Assessments and advice on Health & Safety in the work place.
  • Advice on the management & minimisation of waste through improved production practices.
  • Supply of Tote Tanks, ISO Tanks, IBC Units, Drums and Containers.
  • Advice on the best practices for on-site management, segregation, identification and storage of waste materials prior to collection.
  • Asbestos Surveys prior to demolition or refurbishment works.
  • Laboratory analysis and classification of chemical wastes, asbestos samples and unidentified materials.


  • Determination of the best method of waste disposal based upon the prime considerations of   1) Cost   2) Health & Safety   3) Protection of the Environment.
    • Destruction of Out-of-Date and Reject Materials.
    • Re-Use and Re-Cycling of materials  (when authorised).
    • Recovery of re-useable components.
    • Treatment, Neutralisation and Bioremediation.
    • Landfill.
    • Incineration.
  • Use of licensed transfer stations and treatment plants at several locations in England and Wales staffed by WAMITAB Waste Experts and Chemists.
  • Administration services including Quality Assurance, Duty of Care Audits and Detailed Documentation providing full traceability and certification.


  • Supply of specialist equipment for the containment, transfer, handling and storage of liquids.
  • Supply of a full range of safety equipment, barriers, notice boards and personal protective wear, etc.


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